Ultimate9 (iDRIVE) EVC Throttle Controller - EVC806

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  • Australia's #1 throttle controller!
  • Unleash the full potential of your vehicle!
  • 5-minute installation, 100% plug-and-play!
  • 4 driving modes! 20 adjustable settings!
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews!
  • Lifetime replacement warranty!
  • Available for most makes and models!

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Please check the Application Guide for vehicle fitment prior to purchasing.

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What is the iDRIVE Throttle Controller and how does it work?

The iDRIVE throttle controller gives you complete control over the response of your vehicle. It does this by providing new points of reference for your throttle mapping, introducing either a sharper or flatter throttle curve depending on what mode/setting has been selected. By introducing a sharper throttle curve, you are making the throttle response more aggressive. This will reduce throttle lag, improve your vehicles acceleration and enhance the overall drivability of your vehicle. By introducing a flatter throttle curve, you are softening the throttle response, which allows you to have more finesse control over the application of power to your wheels, especially handy in off-road/low traction situations.



The iDRIVE Throttle Controller has the following modes built-in;

Ultimate (U)

The Ultimate mode gives the driver a sharper response to the vehicle. It has 9 preset increments.

(Least responsive) U0 - U1 - U2 - U3 - U4 - U5 - U6 - U7 - U8 - U9 (most responsive)


Economy (E)

The Economy mode gives the driver a slower response to the vehicle. It has 9 preset increments.

(most responsive) E0 - E1 - E2 - E3 - E4 - E5 - E6 - E7 - E8 - E9 (least responsive)


Automatic Control (AC)

The Automatic mode, commonly called AC is a standalone mode with no built-in increments that learns the operators driving style and chooses the appropriate setting at the time.Example:Driving along a flat, single-lane highway stuck behind a vehicle doing 80km/h in a 100km/h zone. The vehicle doesn't need much acceleration to continue doing the current speed. You then come up to a section where it is safe to overtake so you indicate and put your foot down quickly, the iDRIVE will automatically change up in to a more responsive setting allowing you to over take quickly and safely. Once you have overtaken the vehicle you can then back off the accelerator and the iDRIVE will then again drop to a lower setting optimizing fuel economy.


Normal (--)

The Normal mode is basically an OFF mode and replicates the factory vehicles settings.


Lifetime Warranty


Brand Ultimate9
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