4X4 Snorkels

4X4 Snorkels Enhance the Look and Performance of Your Vehicle

The purchasing of 4X4 snorkels and other after-market car accessories online is continually increasing. 4X4 accessories play a vital role, not only in enhancing the look of your vehicle but in its safety and capabilities too. Driven Offroad offers a wide range of 4X4 accessories for your car, from the convenience of an online store.


Benefits of Buying 4WD Snorkels Online

Our user-friendly e-commerce store allows for ease of search and convenient payment options.

  • Buying 4WD snorkels online saves you time, compared to the traditional method of searching brick and mortar stores for your desired product—our easy-to-navigate online store groups each category to ensure a pleasurable and convenient shopping experience. We include delivery in our offering, so leaving your home is not necessary throughout your buying process.
  • Reduced overhead expenses from being an online store means we can pass our savings onto you. We offer great deals on a wide range of 4WD snorkels and other accessories. Sign up to our newsletter and receive a five percent discount on your next purchase.
  • When you shop for 4X4 accessories online, it is easy to compare related or similar product specifications and pricing. By gaining this knowledge, you can make a more informed purchase decision to suit your requirements. Store reviews are easily accessible online and can further assist your decision from these first-person experiences.


Key Questions to Ask Driven Offroad When Buying 4WD Snorkels Online

Whether you are buying a snorkel for functionality or aesthetics, considering the nature of your expeditions can help you decide on the best-suited snorkel for you and your vehicle.

  • Why should I install a snorkel? The primary function of a snorkel is to elevate the air intake, which serves three purposes. Your snorkel will reduce the dust intake, and the snorkel head expels this dust. This reduction in dust intake will prolong the life of your vehicle’s essential components. A snorkel will raise the level of air intake and reduce the likelihood of water entering the engine while crossing creeks. A snorkel promotes the intake of cooler air due to its forward-facing position, which also benefits your engine.
  • What is the best material for a snorkel? Snorkels come in a range of materials, each catering for various purposes. Our favourites are PVC and stainless steel. PVC is a more cost-effective option with built-in UV protection. Stainless steel is robust and good-looking and can be powder coated to match your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Petrol or diesel. A 4WD snorkel is beneficial for both petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. Diesel engines pose a greater risk from dirty air filters as well as a greater susceptibility to hydrolock (or hydrostatic lock). Both engines will encounter dust and water at some point of their journey, and a snorkel on either engine will benefit the vehicle.


Why Trust Driven Offroad Regarding 4X4 Snorkels

We are passionate about 4X4 modifications and accessories to better your off-roading journeys. Our team offers knowledgeable advice and friendly service. To purchase 4WD snorkels online, contact us.