PWR Ford Ranger PJ/PK/BT50 2006-2011 Intercooler – Automatic Transmission + Trans Cooler


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PWR Mazda BT50 Ford Ranger PJ PK 2006-2011 Intercooler Kit PWI6670A Automatic
Part Number: PWI6670A (*Automatic transmission only)
The all new Mazda BT50 and Ford Ranger Intercooler kit is here!

Incorporating some of the most advanced automotive cooling technology the PWR engineering team has recently designed an intercooler suited to both the Mazda BT50 and Ford Ranger. As a result of the superior tube and fin design characteristics, the PWR 375 x 355 x 55mm core offers a massive 200% increase in core surface area giving you reduced intercooler air temps of up to 50%. Further to this the PWR team have designed the unit so you get better ground clearance by 50mm. The unit is a direct fit replacement with no bodywork cutting required and bolts to the existing chassis mount points.

Silicon hoses and full colour instructions are provided along with a PWR heavy duty 280x255x19mm transmission oil cooler which has been mounted behind the intercooler. Note that some models will require a slight trim around the plastic grill area.

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